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Breaking Tech

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Dive into the future of tech innovation in our "Breaking Tech" breakout room.

Google Cloud invites you to two days of sofa sessions, exploring the forefront of technology in interactive talks led by industry pioneers.
These small-scale gatherings, limited to 35 participants, offer an intimate setting for in-depth exploration and interactive discussion; asking questions is strongly encouraged!

Julien Blanchez, Peter Van Leugenhagen, Davio Larnout, Abenaa Addei, Thierry Geerts, Johnny Soraker, Alexandre t’Kint, Vincent Spruyt, Björn De Vidts, Athalis Kratouni, Zhong Xu and Jan Hollez share insights on spatial computing, DEI in company culture, Data collaboration and privacy, AI in advertising, hyper growth and much more.

Thursday 21 March Friday 22 March