Leen Segers

Managing Director at ForsVC

Leen, a Brussels-based entrepreneur turned investor, brings over a decade of tech experience to the game. Previously working with startups across Europe, she founded LucidWeb, a WebVR company focusing on B2B cross-device distribution. The platform gained international acclaim and is used by major film festivals and institutions like MIT. Since she joined the investment side, she has worked with several funds focused on spatial computing & deep tech, collaborating with entities such as The VR Fund (USA) and Field of View Ventures (London). Embracing her passions for (immersive) gaming & gametech, she took on the role of Managing Director at ForsVC in November 2023. Leen is also co-founder of Women in Immersive Tech Europe, an NGO fighting for diversity and inclusion in the metaverse economies, with more than 7,000 European members.