Koenraad Dumont

Chief Commerc. & Innov. Off. at Boortmalt

Koenraad’s educational background as a masters in bio-engineering combined with his technological interest made a career start in precision farming R&D at KULeuven a logical next step. Soon after, opportunities in high tech machinery at Picanol and later complex engineering projects at Katoen Natie brought Koenraad to different corners of the world to live and work. Only to come back to his roots being agroindustry and Belgium by joining Boortmalt in 2009. Over the last 15 years Boortmalt developed from a small regional malt supplier into a global leader by growing 10x in size, since 2015 Koenraad leads the innovation activities which he combines since 2017 with the global commercial responsibility covering raw material procurement and malt sales for the 27 malt plants. Passionate and driven by impact the innovation agenda is largely sustainability focused, by delivering breakthrough innovative solutions in the malting process or by contributing to the protein food transition!