Beyond Investment: The New Wave of Corporate-Startup Partnerships

Friday 22 March 14:00 - 14:40 Breaking Funding

Moderated by

Lotte Geldermans

A sofa session discussing how new corporate-startup partnership models, that go beyond traditional investment, work in practice.

In the realm of corporate-startup collaborations, the traditional focus is often on financial investments and quick market gains through a CVC structure. Yet, there's a growing trend towards more nuanced and strategic partnerships that offer deeper, long-term benefits for both parties that go beyond investment.
We’ll be chatting with some of Belgium’s most well-known corporations, who successfully implemented new startup partnership structures, to discuss the innovative models they’ve employed to realise their future ambitions.
Join us and hear which strategic objectives they targeted, how they developed new concepts to test, which assets they offered startups, and how they integrated the partnership into the business.
This panel is powered by FTI, Startup.Flanders and EntertainmentLab. It is moderated by Bundl.