The government of Flanders is launching Flanders Technology & Innovation (FTI) today. The project will tackle five major societal challenges over the coming months.

Under the name of the legendary technology fairs, which took place between 1984 and 1999, the government of Flanders is now launching a contemporary project and a promotional campaign on innovation. The intention is to bridge the gap between Flanders’ cutting-edge technology, which is highly regarded internationally, and segments of the population who have a gloomy outlook on the future. Flanders Technology arose in a time of economic crisis when Europe was divided by the Iron Curtain. Even today there is a conviction that technology can generate (progress) optimism.

Flanders Minister-President Jan Jambon is breathing new life into the concept of technology fairs to be held in 2024, more than 40 years after the first edition: “Through Flanders Technology & Innovation, we present ourselves as the world’s leading technology laboratory, while tackling major societal challenges. FTI will be an important community building project.”

FTI SuperNova will be the event taking place in Antwerp as part of this technology fair & event week in March 2024.