Wendy Knaepen

Exec. Dir. & Dir. of Bus. Dev. at Cegeka

Wendy Knaepen, daughter of Cegeka’s visionary founder (André Knaepen), carries not only the legacy of a successful IT company but also a profound understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit.
Growing up in an environment steeped in business acumen, Wendy witnessed firsthand the dedication and bold vision of her father. These early lessons shaped her perspective, emphasizing resilience and unwavering commitment as essential traits for navigating the ever-changing business landscape.
Now, as an Executive Director and Director of Business Development, Wendy shares her insights with passion and authenticity. Her dynamic talks resonate with both aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals. She doesn’t just speak in theoretical frameworks
instead, she draws from her family’s journey, infusing her presentations with real-world anecdotes and practical wisdom.