Tom Domen

Innovation catalyst at Made

Tom Domen graduated in 1996 with a Master in Industrial Design. In 2007 and followed a Master in Sustainable Development at the University of Brussels. With his MA on Sustainable Technology for Eastern Africa, he received the yearly Award for Innovative Technology from the Chamber of Engineers.

He started working for Philips in packaging innovation after which he worked for 5 years as a marketing and communication specialist at Panasonic.

Tom has been working for Ecover/Method for 18 years, where he was responsible for the long term innovation strategy and sustainability for the different categories of Ecover and Method products (laundry, cleaning, dishwashing, home care and personal care). Getting inspiration out of biomimicry and system thinking, he has been laying out an ambitious roadmap for the company to inspire transformative change towards a restorative business model. Tom is also a member of the board of Kringwinkel, a Belgian organisation that gives a second life to what otherwise would be waste.

Tom recently started as freelance consultant for Made as an innovation orchestrator, catalyzing true circularity at scale by providing value added business models.