Senne Van Rompaey

Design & Engineering Director at Comate

Starting his journey in product development, Senne first joined Comate as a mechanical designer when the company's primary focus was on turning technical ideas into high-volume production achievements. Having navigated through the challenges and climbed the ranks to project leader and team leader, Senne has proven his mettle and dedication. He gradually revisited his foundational skills, introducing design thinking methodologies into Comate's traditionally technical engineering landscape, leveraging his role as Team Leader of Product. Senne shines in the strategic management of hardware projects, expertly guiding them from initial concepts to market launches and into high-volume manufacturing phases. His expertise is most notable in consumer goods development, yet Senne also brings valuable experience in healthcare and industrial machinery sectors.
As the Design & Engineering Director, Senne now holds the reins of the overarching development process, ensuring a harmonious alignment between design, engineering, and manufacturing efforts. He commands a multidisciplinary team that spans mechanics, electronics, software, quality, and more, all to give each idea the greatest chance to succeed.