Roeland Delrue

Cofounder & CRO at Aikido Security

Roeland Delrue is cofounder & CRO of Aikido Security, one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity startups in Europe. He is an entrepreneur and SaaS leader with experience in sales, sales development, sales enablement and product management. Roeland has accumulated a wealth of experience that spans over a decade in the tech industry. 

His professional journey is highlighted by a significant seven-year tenure at Showpad. During this period he moved to San Francisco, and transitioned through various roles, playing a key part in the company's growth. 

After Showpad, Roeland decided to join Officient, where he served for a year in a product management role. In this role he steered product strategy and development, ensuring that Officient's offerings met and overdelivered on customer needs. 

Roeland Delrue's experience in the SaaS sector is underscored by a profound understanding of market trends, an exceptional ability to drive sales, business development, and product management initiatives.