Jürgen Ingels

Managing Partner at Smartfin

As the founder of Clear2Pay, Jürgen cultivated the company to be one of the world leaders in payment software. In 2014, with more than 1,200 employees in 14 countries, Clear2Pay was sold to fintech giant FIS.
 He is well-rooted as a venture capitalist, but a true entrepreneur at heart. His passion for technology is reflected through his creating role in important Belgian tech and innovation events.
 Next to having an active stake in various companies, he’s also the author of “Start, Grow, Sell”, a book that reveals 50 important lessons he learned as a top entrepreneur. He is also the initiator of Space The Human quest, a space expo that attracted over 80.000 people in Antwerp.  
 As Founding Partner of SmartFin, Jürgen is determined to target the most promising European technology companies.
 He is the founder of SuperNova and The Big Score and sits on the Board of WDP (Euronext/BEL20), Materialize (NASDAQ), Ghelamco, Projective, Guardsquare, Recharge, Deliverect, etc.