Gilles Mattelin

Founder & Co-CEO at Henchman

As the Co-CEO and founder of Henchman, Gilles has led the growth of a pioneering contract drafting solution designed for lawyers. They successfully raised $10 million in funding in 2023 and grew the team to 40 members & establishing a strong global presence in the legal tech industry.

In addition to his Henchman role, he is the co-owner of Tout Bien, an average Belgian Pils.

One of his earlier entrepreneurial achievements was co-founding Intuo, a B2B SAAS startup, in 2015. His journey with Intuo was instrumental in shaping his approach to business, as they expanded our operations to Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK, growing our team to over 75 employees. The acquisition of Intuo in 2019 and its evolution into Fosway’s best global HCM product stands as a testament to our hard work and strategic vision.
Gilles’ professional philosophy is centered around three key passions:
* Building and scaling effective go-to-market teams by aligning different commercial departments towards a common goal. He particularly enjoys fostering a synergistic relationship between Sales, Success, and Marketing teams.
* He is energized by the process of identifying the right investments and creating value in the market. This aspect of his work allows him to leverage his strategic thinking and financial acumen to drive business growth and innovation.
* Entrepreneurship is at the core of his professional life. He thrives on the challenges and opportunities it presents, constantly seeking new avenues to apply his skills and contribute to the broader business landscape.