David Van Laere

Founder & CEO at Innocens

David Van Laere is a (former) Neonatal Intensive Care Specialist and founder and CEO of Innocens. He experienced first-hand how devastating sepsis can be for patients and parents in the Neonatal Intensive care. Intrigued by the potential of Machine Learning on vital signs data, his team started to develop technology to help clinicians detect early subtle signs of serious infection in neonates. 
The resultant is a platform technology that provides a trustworthy AI co-pilot for clinicians in a privacy compliant hybrid cloud format. 
David obtained a master’s degree in Paediatrics at the K.U. Leuven, Belgium. He was trained as a Neonatologist in Sydney, Australia before joining the medical staff in the Antwerp University Hospital in 2010. He published several articles on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applied on clinical time series data. In 2019, David followed a Masterclass in Medtech at the Vlerick Business School in Brussels.