Aude de Clercq

Head of Innovation Services at European Space Agency

Aude de Clercq is a dynamic professional with a blend of legal and managerial expertise and a passion for innovation. With a joint degree in law and translation from France, Aude embarked on a journey that led her to specialise in public management in the United States.
Her career trajectory took her to the heart of the space sector, starting at ESA's legal department in Paris. Seeking new challenges, she made her mark in the Netherlands, where she was the general manager of a startup during its critical incubation phase at the ESA Business Incubation Center.
Aude's dedication and expertise didn't go unnoticed. Upon the startup's graduation from the incubation program, she transitioned to a role as a Technology Transfer Officer at ESA TTP. In this capacity, she facilitated the transfer of cutting-edge space technologies into practical applications, bridging the gap between space exploration and terrestrial innovation.
Currently, as the Head of the Innovation Services Section, Aude spearheads the management of ESA's Patents Portfolio and oversees several networks of national partners dedicated to supporting innovation projects within the space industry.