Annemie Bogaerts

Professor Chemistry Department at University of Antwerp

Prof. dr. Annemie Bogaerts is head of the interdisciplinary research group PLASMANT (Plasma Lab for Applications in Sustainability and Medicine – ANTwerp). Her research focuses on a better understanding of plasmas, by means of modelling and experiments, for various applications. The main applications are in green chemistry and medicine. 

Annemie Bogaerts obtained her master's degree in Chemistry in 1993 and her PhD in Sciences in 1996, both with the greatest distinction. Annemie has covered an impressive scientific journey. She has published approximately 650 scientific articles since 1995, mainly in high-quality journals, and has contributed over 20 invited chapters in books. Since 2019, she has co-invented around ten patent applications and co-founded two spin-off companies from her research group (D-CRBN and Optanic), focusing on plasma for sustainable chemistry.