Alessia Zecchini

World record holder freediving

World freediving champion, multiple world record holder in six disciplines of freediving, holder of 38 world records. She has won 17 gold medals at World Championships and 33 international medals. She delves into the themes of self-control and reflective meditation as tools for growth in sport and life. She is currently the "deepest woman in the world" with her -123 m in constant buoyancy (monofin), achieved in August 2019 during the World Championships in Roatán, Honduras.
On October 18, 2019, she became the first woman to have touched the depth of -100 m exclusively with the use of her arms (free diving), during the Nirvana Oceanquest in Curaçao.

After being awarded three Gold Medals for Athletic Valor, in 2018 she is the first FIPSAS athlete to receive the Collar of Gold for Sports Merit, the sport's highest honor.
On March 27, 2023, she sealed in Philippine waters, in Moalboal, during the Secret Blue competition, the new CWTB AIDA International bipinne world record with -107 m and, after only two days, on March 29, she brought the record to -109 m in 3'36". Freediving teaches how to deal with difficulty and darkness, it is a metaphor for a method of overcoming obstacles that anyone can experience, and this is exactly what Alessia Zecchini recounts in her book, but especially in her motivational speeches at corporate events.
Her incredible abilities are enchanting the world, which is learning about the world record holder's story and challenges in the new Netflix documentary The Deepest Breath.
Alessia will talk about her driving force, longterm motivation and moonshot ideas