Bigger Than Us

Thursday 21 March 13:40 - 14:15 Main stage

A radical new way to think about innovation, growth, and impact.

Good Growth offers the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs an antidote to Big Tech’s winner-take-all mindset that now dominates our world. Millions of aspiring leaders crave a better alternative—a new growth strategy and role models that are more inclusive and enduring than today’s greedy business models. New tools have disrupted the way we innovate —from no code/low code to generative AI and CRISPR—and it’s time to decide whether we will serve this next generation of technology, or technology will serve us. Innovation is a fundamentally social act, and this talk will provide inspiring stories about visionaries who have been forging a better, win-win path to growth. But this is no hippie manifesto, it’s a pragmatic playbook from one of the pioneers of the TEDx conferences—an MIT-trained engineer who survived the first Internet boom and has coached hundreds of entrepreneurial leaders to success. If you are seeking influence and impact in a time of rapid change, join us for this thought-provoking and entertaining session, and get ready to question your assumptions about scale.